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Quality landscape services in the Greater Wellington region

Whether you need us to provide landscape design from the ground up or to install existing designs by another designer, Create-A-Scape in the Greater Wellington region can transform and revitalize your outdoor space with our friendly and flexible landscape services.

We work hard to provide high quality landscape services around the Greater Wellington region that will exceed your expectations.

On this page you'll find a few reasons why we're still going strong more than 17 years later.

Personal service

Greater Wellington region installed landscape services
We have purposefully kept Create-A-Space as a small business so that each job receives the care and attention it deserves and we can ensure a high level of workmanship and creativity. Plus, our Greater Wellington region clients receive a personal service. We're good listeners when it comes to clients' ideas but we're honest when we think something won't work for you.


residential landscaping in the Greater Wellington region

We are a friendly and flexible team and we're happy to install a design in stages to suit your budget. We tailor our landscape services according to your budget so we won't exceed it, and because we offer design and construction we can sidestep more expensive plans with heavy construction details and save that budget for construction itself.


maintenance and garden care in the Greater Wellington region

Because we design as well as construct, we can easily readapt designs as new ideas from either you or ourselves evolve. Our plans usually cost several hundred dollars as opposed to thousands, because our complete landscape services encompass the whole process. We also manage the whole job, organising subcontractors and stretching your budget further.

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